Help us remove the tax from pet food and include pets in emergency evacuation planning

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Canada is leading two advocacy efforts to improve the lives of pets and their owners across the nation. 

We’re calling on the provincial government to eliminate the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on pet food, recognizing its essential role in pet care. The cost burden of this tax restricts access to proper nutrition, affecting both pet parents and the already strained veterinary and shelter systems. By removing this barrier, we can enhance pet health and happiness while reducing pressure on the healthcare system.

Additionally, Pets Canada is urging the government to include pets in the National Adaptation Strategy, acknowledging their importance as family members during times of crises like floods and wildfires. By ensuring funding for their emergency evacuation, we can prevent heart-wrenching choices and bolster community resilience. 

Your support matters—join us in sending a support email to your Member of Parliament to advocate for these crucial changes.

Sharing our social posts and poster will lend weight to the campaign. We encourage each and every one of you to stand with us on these advocacy initiatives. Your help is invaluable in making a difference. Thank you!

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