Your goal is to provide the best products and services for Canda’s pets and our goal is to help you succeed. 

We have a library business tools and savings available to get you there!

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Our job at Pets Canada is to provide you with the support you need to achieve your goals. Whether it’s lobbying in the halls of government, giving access to business savings, or a good old-fashioned one-on-one chat, the Pets Canada team is here for you every step of the way.


Pets Canada offers members thousands of dollars in savings  and access to resources through a unique partnership with the Canadain Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).  

Separately this membership would cost on average $700 dollars for many, but Pets Canada provides this free to help ensure you have what you need to succeed. (*must be a Canadian-owned independent business to qualify)


We are your hub for all things pet business in Canada.

We provide our members with business tools and cost savings options to help them succeed. Hundreds of pet businesses across Canada are enjoying the many benefits that a Pets Canada membership has to offer.
See how Pets Canada can support your business.

Business Advisors and Resources

Business advisors, HR experts, Legal, Health and Safety resources
Pets Canada provides every independently owned Canadian business member access to all benefits offered by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

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Banking, Payment Processing, Insurance, Payroll, Travel, Car Rental, Staff Training
Pets Canada provides every independently owned Canadian business member access to all benefits offered by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

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Pet Industry Data

Canadian pet sector reports generated by NielsenIQ (NIQ) and 25% member discount.

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Trade Show Events

Three Annual Trade Shows – bringing thousands of pet professional together from across the country every year.
International Program - Growing businesses abroad 

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Member News Distribution Service

Free distribution of your news to a 18K+ audience of pet professionals

Job Posting Service

Complimentary posting of job opportunities on social platforms and industry e-newsbrief

Statistics are a critical element when crafting business strategies. Pets Canada works with agencies in Canada and the US to gather and make available data to share with our members. 

In collaboration with our preferred research partner, NielsenIQ, we completed our first comprehensive Pet Ownership Survey in 2023 and have results available for members.

Canadian Pet Owner Profile 2023
Pets Canada members now have access to our latest data on Canadian pet owners. The profile outlines the results of our cross-country survey delivered by our partners at Nielsen IQ (NIQ). This report is an investigation into the makeup of pet ownership with a focus on demographics, species choice, and a closer look at the types of animals included in multi-pet households.

Canadian Pet Business Market Update 2023
In our post-pandemic inflationary environment, it can be a challenge to determine exactly where our industry stands in terms of growth and shifting buyer behaviour. Our partners at NielsenIQ (NIQ) have delivered a report on the state of our Canadian Pet Industry which digs into sales, channels, market share, and the impact of buyer trends.

We also gather other published data to increase the amount of information available.  As the national resource for pet industry businesses and partners with other global pet associations, we collaborate as a network to share data and are committed to finding new ways to get that information into your hands.

From Canada to around the globe, Pets Canada makes it our business to stay on top of industry news and to share it with you. Through our solid B2B relationships and an extensive network of media feeds, we disseminate and broadcast what matters most.

Connect to Canada’s pet industry news network through us:

The Voice – weekly e-newsbrief – a highly informative e-news brief that delivers the most relevant content to your inbox. 

Press Release Service - We publish member news in The Voice e-newsbrief and on our social platforms to a combined audience of 18K+

Job Opportunity Posting Service - We help businesses find the right people.  Member use our network to promote their job opportunities.

Alerts & Updates - Members automatically receive urgent industry alerts, updates and pertinent news before it is broadcast through our main channels

Member News Flashes - These announcements keep members up to date on business opportunities, association news and new opportunities


Across Canada and around the world, Pets Canada makes it happen.

Participate in our exclusive Canadian pet industry trade shows, be part of our international Team Canada Pavilions, or join us on a mission to discover foreign markets.  If you’re looking to access suppliers, buyers and new opportunities, we can open the door.

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