For the 6th consecutive year, Pets Canada honours its hard-working members. These awards recognize the efforts of all companies and individuals who work hard for the welfare of animals through public education on pet care, responsible pet ownership and their involvement in the pet community. As a reminder, the categories are as follows:

This year, over 4,000 people voted! This shows the support of everyone working in the pet industry, an industry we’re proud to be a part of. We are therefore honoured to present the lucky winners of the Quebec 2023 edition!

Distributors Sales Representative: Alexandrie Boisseau, Solution pour Animaux (SPA)

”Animal welfare has always been a passion for me, and every day I meet people who are just as passionate. Of course, my job is to inform people, but it’s thanks to these wonderful encounters that my knowledge multiplies and I’m able to help others. In other words, I believe it’s a team effort, and that together we can only pass on the best to all parents and pet lovers.”

Manufacturers Sales Representative: Isabelle Garand, PLB International

“To listen and advise well in order to evolve with the industry. And it’s thanks to the collaboration and trust of my partners that together we can make a difference for animals and their families. Team work makes the dream work.”

Independent retailer: Animalerie Chambly

“For 38 years, Michelle and her team have been doing their utmost to offer you the best possible service. As a family-run business, it’s essential at Chambly Pet Store that customers are made to feel welcome and that they leave with the advice and products they need for their companion’s well-being!”

Chain Store Retailer: Pattes & Griffes (Iberville)

“In addition to having a passionate team that knows how to meet our customers’ needs with transparency, we offer consumers a wide range of choices so that they can make an informed choice that meets their values and budget. Also, thanks to our wonderful partners, we organize a number of events enabling our loyal customers to discover new products while saving money.”

Pet Service Provider: Les Rêves Canins, couette et calins

“Our center is the fruit of a dream: to offer our best friends a memorable our best friends a memorable stay in a safe, cozy, country setting.”

Join us in congratulating our 2023 Quebec winners. Stay tuned for the winners of the Ontario and Maritimes awards, as well as the winner of the brand-new category: John & Kelly Ayres – Philanthropy Award! Register for the Toronto Show to see the Awards ceremony live!

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