Paws, Price, and Policy: Navigating the Economic Realities of Affordable Pet Food

During a recent Question Period in the House of Commons, MP Ryan Williams spoke about a significant rise in pet food when asking the Prime Minister about the increasing cost of living.  Like most industries the price to produce goods has gone up since the pandemic.  For pet food, this includes raw materials, processing, staffing, […]

Pets Canada takes on Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill is full of pet lovers! This year marks our very first Hill Day advocacy event on Parliament Hill.  Pets Canada put together a team of fourteen delegates made up of association members to engage federal decision-makers on two very important topics brought to us by our members: removing the GST on pet food products and including pets in the National Adaptation Strategy, with respect to evacuation planning.  

Help Remove the GST from Pet Food

We are thrilled to share some exciting news that was announced during the Pets Canada Industry Shows – our commitment to two crucial advocacy issues that will shape the future of our industry and the lives of our beloved pets; Removing GST from Pet Food Products and the inclusion of pets in the National Adaption […]

Petcurean – Philanthropy Award Winner

Leadership, mentorship, community, and advocacy work.  These are the pillars that inspired the John and Kelly Ayres Philanthropy Award and the tenets of all the Canadian Pet Community Awards.  Just over a year ago, we introduced the John and Kelly Ayers Philanthropy Award in our ongoing campaign to highlight the outstanding work our Pets Canada […]

PIJAC CanadaTurns 35!

It all started with a fight, followed by a crazy idea Three and a half decades ago a group of embattled business owners came together to fight a piece of unfair business legislation targeting the pet sector and they won.  Bolstered by their success and support from PIJAC (US) The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council […]