Injoya, a Fremont, CA-based manufacturer of snuffle mats, snuffle toys, and pet glove wipes has announced a distribution partnership with Triton Animal Supplies, who distributes pet supplies across Canada.

Triton, which has been in business since 2006, leverages their expert sales team’s study of market trends to curate specific, high-quality products for each retailer. This strategy produces impressive results, which is why Injoya is thrilled to partner with them. 

Injoya, meaning ‘Inspiring Joy in Animals’, puts animal welfare first by designing products that are proven to reduce stress, engage senses, and aid in slow-feeding. Their original snuffle mats and toys are made with a durable fabric that is not only machine washable, but also constructed of 100% recycled PET. Plastic bottles are removed from the ocean and then processed to create a material that is both sustainable and long-lasting. 

Snuffling allows dogs to use their senses to their full potential, and work for their food, which helps to reduce anxiety, boredom, and unwanted behavior. They believe that mental enrichment and better feeding habits is the most important part of animals’ health, which inspired founder Eddie Li to build his company with those values in mind.

“Injoya snuffle mats are changing the mental enrichment game,” Li states, “Our goal is to make these products available to pet owners everywhere…this partnership with Triton will be a tremendous step in reaching the Canadian market.”

Injoya is transforming the pet industry with over 20 different styles of snuffle mats and snuffle toys that are both functional and stylish.