Privacy Policy

Pets Canada represents and promotes the interests of all segments of the pet industry in Canada. The objectives of Pets Canada include the promotion of the humane treatment of animals, the establishment of appropriate and generally acceptable standards of animal care within the pet industry as well as the promotion, recognition and observance of such standards. In carrying out its mandate, Pets Canada is committed to full compliance with all applicable laws of Canada. In particular, Pets Canada is committed to the protection of personal information and to compliance with the privacy laws of Canada, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.
The purpose of this document is to clarify what constitutes “personal information” as well as Pets Canada’s policy relating to the collection, use and disclosure of information and to the individual’s right to limit such collection, use or disclosure.
“Personal information” is defined as information that identifies an individual, such as his/her name, home address, home telephone number/email, etc., or that is directly associated with a specific person, such as the person’s credit card information. All such personal information is maintained in strict confidence by Pets Canada and is not sold or leased to third parties.
Although Pets Canada ordinarily receives only business information relating to its member companies, from time to time Pets Canada may also come into possession of personal information that is collected, used and/or disclosed only in connection with its mandate. This may include, for example, information relating to individual members and/or financial information relating to specific requests for products/services.
In order to verify and process requests for any of the products and services offered by or through Pets Canada, we may collect and maintain personal information about an individual, including identification and billing information. Other information not considered personal that is collected by Pets Canada may include records relating to the services and products used and information relating to communications and/or correspondence between member company representatives or non-members and the association. As Pets Canada is constantly working to develop new products and services (in connection with its mandate) that can benefit the industry and the public, this information can assist us in better understanding the specific needs of the industry and in turn assist us in developing the right products and services.
Pets Canada may also use non-personal information to meet certain legal requirements. In these circumstances, information may be shared with, and used or analyzed by authorised agents of Pets Canada.
From time to time Pets Canada may also be required to provide information in statistical, analytical, or other forms to governmental authorities and industry organizations. It is important to note that in these situations, any information that could specifically identify an individual is never disclosed.
For more detailed information regarding Pets Canada’s Privacy Policy, please contact the Pets Canada Privacy Officer at
Any individuals who do not consent to, or wish to limit the manner in which non-personal information is collected, used or disclosed by Pets Canada, are invited to contact the Pets Canada Privacy Officer at
Pets Canada periodically reviews and updates its policies and indicates the date of review at the end of each document.
September, 2007