We are very happy to announce that Pets Canada members have exclusive access to Canadian-specific pet sector data. We understand data is a critical ingredient for companies to accurately plan their business strategies and now we can help them find what they need. This year we forged a partnership with NielsenIQ (NIQ) which has allowed us to start building a database of in-country data as a targeted way of supporting their important work. Beyond the information, members of Pets Canada, who choose to work with NIQ  company-specific project, are entitled to a 25% discount* on their first project with them.

2023 Canadian Pet Sector Reports

Canadian Pet Owner Profile 2023
Pets Canada members now have access to our latest data on Canadian pet owners. The profile outlines the results of our cross-country survey delivered by our partners at Nielsen IQ (NIQ). This report is an investigation into the makeup of pet ownership with a focus on demographics, species choice, and a closer look at the types of animals included in multi-pet households.


Canadian Pet Business Market Update 2023
In our post-pandemic inflationary environment, it can be a challenge to determine exactly where our industry stands in terms of growth and shifting buyer behaviour. Our partners at NielsenIQ (NIQ) have delivered a report on the state of our Canadian Pet Industry which digs into sales, channels, market share, and the impact of buyer trends.


“We know our members will find these reports useful as they strategize for the coming year, explains, Pets Canada CEO, Christine Carriere, “In preparation for 2024 we are inviting members to provide their input which will help guide our future projects, allowing us to tailor our work to suit the needs of our members.”

Pets Canada members can access these reports through their online Member Portal.

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